Cleared my Shoes

Hello FlyLady!

After reading the original message I finally cleared my shoes. Here’s how it went!

Carpet in your closet?
I’m sure I have that too!
If I remember rightly…..
I think it might be…

It won’t take long to find out.
I’ll open up the door.
Oh, heavens! Help! What happened?
I just can’t see the floor!

But I need to toss these slippers –
They’re fluffy, blue, and icky!
I don’t know where I wore them
But they’re smelly and they’re sticky!

You say ‘flip-flops’, Aussies say ‘thongs’
Whatever…..I’ve got plenty!
I think I need to toss them too!
(I’ve counted more than twenty!)

The silver shoes I wore to the ball
When I was twenty-four…..
My daughter’s older than that now!
What am I keeping them for???

Old tennis shoes, old running shoes,
Those shoes with pointy toes!
I haven’t worn that pair in years!
Or those! Or those! Or those!

My wedding shoes I’m keeping
Wrapped in tissue in a box.
But I don’t need to keep this bag
Of odd and mis-matched socks!

Oh look! I’ve found my soccer boots!
Now the memories are flowing…..
But I know I haven’t worn them
Since my babies started growing!

And I have lots of photos
So I don’t need to keep them.
Into the ‘throw away’ box
I very quickly sweep them.

A solitary gum-boot???
Into the box it goes!
Followed by those cheap pink flats
That always hurt my toes!

Now these are shoes with laces;
They’re comfy, black, and glossy!
But why on earth have I four pairs???
Toss two! (FlyLady’s bossy!)

Now I can see the carpet.
It’s a really pretty green!
At least, I’m sure it will be
When I’ve given it a clean!

FlyBaby P

FlyLady here: We recently issued a shoe challenge to declutter all your shoes.

How many pairs of shoes have you decluttered? How did you do it? Is there something special about your story?

Send poems, puns or paragraphs so that we can laugh with you.

Send your stories to with SHOES in the subject line!

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