Pamper Mission 03/24/2013

Dear Friends,

Let’s schedule some play time this week! How long has it been since ¬†you’ve actually created something instead of just building your crafting stash? Yes, it’s fun to shop, but don’t procrastinate about actually creating with your supplies. The actual crafting and the joy of a completed project offers so much more satisfaction than the ¬†temporary excitement of shopping.

Look at your calendar and pencil in an appointment with yourself to craft. Allow plenty of time to gather supplies, work on your project and then put away the supplies.

If you’re having problems coming up with ideas about what to make, check your calendar for upcoming gift giving occasions. Just think how relieved you’ll be when you have planned ahead and have a handmade gift to give for that special occasion instead of just good intentions!

Take time for you! You’re so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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