You Have the Power

Dear Friends,

Let me tell you about FLYing!

Many years ago, I started to practice loving myself. At first just in words only. I would meditate and instead of having a mantra (I didn’t even know what that was and didn’t care), I knew I needed some words to help me focus. I chose,” I love myself!” As I would breathe in, I would say I love and as I would breathe out, I would say, my-self. I would say it over and over. Eventually each time I would close my eyes, those words would pop into my head.

Soon I was doing things to love myself. Getting my rest, taking bubble baths, reading books I enjoyed, spending time with friends who uplifted me, and getting dressed every day and putting on makeup. By this time I was able to look into the mirror and not look away or find fault with my face. I was loving myself with word and deed.

This group is about so much more than cleaning your home. If we do nothing else, I hope we impress upon you that if you don’t take care of yourself, you will have nothing left to nurture your family. You will be filling their cups with an empty pitcher. Everyone will be left unfulfilled. You have found this group, because you were searching for something, anything to help you get your home in order.

The truth is, Dorothy, you have had the power inside yourself all of this time. Your journey home is almost complete. Only a few more steps in your Ruby slippers(routines and shoes) and you will find the peace you have been searching for your whole life. I know this sounds to simple to be true, but I promise that if you will take care of yourself first the house will come together like magic before your very eyes. If you don’t believe me, then try to prove me wrong. Put down those excuses that have led you down the wrong path and focus on your goal. Use this system to guide you to your special place of
peace. You will find it. Come Fly with me.

Love you all,


FlyLady here: Love is all there is! Love is an action not just a word. Show yourself love by your actions. Eliminate those ugly words you say to yourself. Only do things that bring you joy and above all, practice laughing every day!

This is why we teach you how to make keeping house fun! Having fun is much more joyful than cleaning house.

I just read a great book about self love. It is called Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani. I have been helping my sister during her knee replacement surgery. I used my drive time to listen to this book twice. It helped me to fill up my cup so I could be there for my sister. It is an eye opening book!

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