Easter Basket Surprise

Dear FlyLady,

My kids and I have done Girl Scout Twilight camp the last 3 summers. This year my daughters are going off to resident camp, while my son and I are doing Cub Scout Twilight camp. One thing that gets stressed over and over is “Drink your water!”. Water bottles are one of the most important things to bring to camp. Over the years, we’ve tried lots of different water bottles. My kids like their water really cold at camp, and, of course, the rest of the water bottles out there just don’t keep water cold outside in June in Texas for 5 hours. I showed them your water bottles, and all three kids immediately asked for them to be put on their gift list (a list we keep going through the year of things they want for presents – that way when birthdays & holidays show up, I already have a master list).

Well, I ordered the water bottles for all of us, and I thought other FlyBabies might be interested in how I’m giving them to us. The water bottles are going in our Easter baskets. After all – none of us need the amount of candy and body clutter that is usually in Easter baskets. And my daughters (who know all about the Easter Bunny, Santa, etc, and now have moved to the status of helpers) know they’re “FINALLY!” getting the water bottles they want, and are looking more forward to Easter morning then any year I can remember.

Also, when I ordered the water bottles, I finally ordered the Control Journal since I’ve been trying to flutter along for a couple years and just never have gotten the control journal made, or the routines down. As soon as my kids saw it, they insisted they needed them, too. I’ve been using the Holiday control journal for years, and this last year my daughters (13 & 10) both insisted on, and used, their own, as well. So they recognized the control journal at once. Now we’ve all got basic control journals, and are finally getting better about actually doing our routines. Including my oldest who has always fought me on putting out her clothes for the next day has had her clothes pulled out every day for a week now. It may be slow, but we’re finally catching on and starting to FLY.

FlyBaby Penny, fluttering along in Texas

PS – Yesterday we had 5 trash bags of wrong sized clothes, excess kitchen supplies, unloved toys and other clutter to us picked up by the Kidney Foundation to go bless someone else – 3 of which were filled completely by the kids.

FlyLady here: Penny I am so proud of you and your family!

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