Something So Simple Relieves Stress

Dear FlyLady and Friends,

I have been receiving emails for years and over the years I have bought several of your tools. (I can afford them and I am proud to help support your efforts to keep your service free of charge.) I dust with the feather duster. I have purchased “I’m so proud of you” pens to give to women whom I have mentored. I gave several people gifts of the stainless steel water bottles last Christmas. I use your timer, calender and stickers. But one tool that has given the most peace of mind to my DH and me is the key lanyard!

I cannot tell you how many times I would dash around the house in the morning hunting for my keys! My poor DH would have to witness my frantic efforts to find my keys – in the kitchen, on the bedside table, on a chair, at the bottom of a purse or tote. I am sure you can name many other places!

Not nearly so much any more! (Of course it still happens! I am NOT the the P word.) As long as I have clipped them to the lanyard, I can find them. The keys may be hidden, but the long pink lanyard is easy to spot. It has made my efforts in getting to work much less chaotic.

Thank you for all that you do,

A NC FlyBaby

FlyLady here: Keys on a leash have saved me many hours of hunting for them before I have to leave. Plus they have a place too. I have a hook on the wall where they are hung as soon as I come in the door. My sunglasses go there too. They are on a beaded necklace. My purse sits on the floor below them. I have a mental checklist before I go out the door for the basics: keys, sunglasses, wallet, water bottle and phone. Anything else is placed in my launch pad. Everything has a place and everything in its place.

Something so simple can create such peace in your life.

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