Room Patrol is Here

Dear FlyLady,

This is a perfect time for me to finally email you! I have be “fluttering” along for a little over 2 months and I LOVE the peace in my soul and my home! I used to call myself a “struggler” and always said that I was “Struggling” with this or that because I just couldn’t get things done. Now, I think I am a “flutterer” and smile to myself, because I can see what I have gotten done and what I will continue to do! THANK YOU for all that you do for us!

I recently downloaded the Up Kind of Day CD. We love listening to music when we prepare meals or to get going in the mornings anyway, so I have been considering your CD for a while. The final push came from my DD5 the other day. I was listening to a podcast and the Room Rescue song came on. I paused my iPod right there and played it for my daughter when I picked her up later in the day. She LOVED it. She kept asking me to play it. Well, finding it (and soon, “2 minute Clean UP”) in the middle of your podcasts was getting annoying, so I got the album! She keeps singing the songs and my DS 21 months is trying to, too! I LOVE hearing him sing, “Up, up, up, up…” through the “Up kind of day” song!

On Wednesday, we did our version of the home blessing hour and my DD was in charge of sweeping and mopping the floors. She loves it and does just fine (I wouldn’t have let her 3 months ago!). I went out to get the foyer rug from the front step. When I turned to go back in the house, the doorbell caught my eye! I rang the doorbell and with my “police” voice, I called out “The Room Patrol is here to inspect this house!!”.

I used the most official voice I could to point out what a great job we did cleaning up parts of the house. I did have to give an official warning to my DH, though. He was spending too much time vacuuming! The work needed to get done, so that we could start having FUN!!! I never thought we would have so much fun cleaning our home- what a blessing. What used to be a constant fight full of martyrdom with my husband was truly a fun time!

Thank you for helping me find my happy family!

Fluttering in Iowa

FlyLady here: If you make it fun it will get done. That is what our Up Kind of Day CD is all about. Getting our children involved. The best part is this music is loved by the adults too.

Mopping is a lot more fun with music and a FlyLady Mop.

FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies


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