They’re Only Rags People

Dear FlyLady,

When I started reading the testimonials about the Purple Rags in a Bag I couldn’t understand what all of the fuss was about. People were ooohing and aaahing the rags and talking about how wonderful they were for a variety of tasks. I thought to myself, “They’re only rags, people!”

I decided to buy a pack and try them for myself. I was determined not be influenced by all of the hype. When my package arrived (which by the way was lickety split) I actually got excited when I saw the rags. They are a beautiful shade of purple. I decided to try them out as I cleaned the bathroom.

Starting with the mirrors – they did an AMAZING job. No lint and no streaks. I moved to the shower doors – not a hint of soap film remained. I then proceeded to clean the counters and then the floor. Unbelievable! One little rag did the job of eight paper towels and a mop. After flying for five years, I should know by now that FlyBabies are savvy consumers and won’t settle for just any product. I love my rags so much that I’m going to order another set specifically for outdoor tasks and cleaning the cars.


Northern VA FlyBaby

FlyLady here: “Yes People they are only rags but they are our Purple Rags! They help us shine! Thank you for giving them the FlyBaby TRY!

I keep a purple rag under every sink and in every car. It cleans the roadkill bugs off my windshield better than that squeegee that is at the gas pumps. I love it for the muddy puppy toe prints on our back door.

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