I Refuse to Call Them Rags

Dear FlyLady,

So I have two things to share… The first is that, having worked in a corporate restaurant environment for many years, it is still *super* hard for me to call the “purple rags” by their “proper” name! The word “rag” was eviscerated from my vocabulary in the restaurant biz, because “rag” brings to mind ratty, tattered, torn-up bits of cloth – NOTHING like these fab bits of purple fabric I have treasured since they first entered my home.

Second, let’s segue to the way purple *rags* have become a treasured commodity here. The morning after my first order arrived, I overflowed the new coffeemaker at home. By a LOT. As a test, I grabbed a purple “rag” (*shudder*) and soaked up most of the water, and in taking the rag to the sink, *none* of the liquid so much as dripped; most absorbent fabric ever! A second rag grabbed the remainder of the excess, and the cleanup job was done – no morning freakout, no delay in caffeine delivery. Since then, I’ve encountered the following:

1. Used a Purple Rag to polish an XBox game that wasn’t working (my 13yo brother lives with me, and his XBox is *very* important to him – this game not working would have resulted in a huge meltdown!)

2. Used a Purple Rag to polish my partner’s sunglasses which somehow ended up in said brother’s bookbag, which, if you know a 13yo, you are aware that this could be catastrophic! Fingerprints gone, and nary a scratch on the glasses’ lenses.

3. Took a Purple Rag and tackled every reflective surface in the house (and we’re all between the ages of 13 and 30 and quite tech savvy, so there are *many* – multiple PC monitors, laptop screens, televisions, touchscreen phones, not to mention the mundane items like mirrors, microwave glass, range, etc.) in a single pass.

Now, I don’t know where all of my purple rags are!!! I went hunting after washing dishes earlier this evening and found one buried in the “comfy chair” (“I needed to clean my games!”), one in a corner of the bathroom (“We really need to talk to him about his aim…”), and two are still MIA, likely left near whatever catastrophe they aided in averting.

Needless to say, we will be ordering more Magical Purple Cloths, because I refuse to call them “rags” – they are far more, and DO far more, than anything the word “rag” brings to mind. Thank you for these incredible resources!

Grateful Flybaby in Maine

FlyLady here: We we wanted to call them “Royal Rags” but that was trademarked by another company. We had to apologize when they brought it to our attention. Robert and Jack didn’t want to name the Rags either. So here we are. They are Purple Rags that do a great job. You are right. The name does not do them justice.

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