Bed Making Procrastination

Dear Friends,

I have been trying to figure out for years why we FlyBabies don’t think it is necessary to make our beds.

Let’s just list them.

1. I don’t have time in the morning!
2. I am just going to mess it back up again tonight.
3. No one is going to see it but me.
4. Why bother; no one notices anyway.
5. I can’t make it up while someone else is still in it.
6. He was in it last shouldn’t he make it up!
7. My bed needs to air out first.
8. Our bedroom is not on the tour of homes. (Robert’s excuse LOL)
9. Where is the cat going to sleep if we pull the bedspread up?
10. Our bed is too hard to make up.
11. It’s my bed and I don’t have to make it if I don’t want to.

We can come up with every excuse in the world to no make our beds. I think it all comes from a secret rebellion to get back at our mothers. No one can force you to make your bed today. This is your house and your bed. My goal is to motivate you to do it for yourself. You deserve to feel good about your home and to have your bedroom become your sanctuary and not a dumping ground.

Start today! Make your bed and feel that smile come over your face when you walk into your bedroom! Your bed is the shiny sink of your bedroom! When the bed is made the whole room looks and feels comforting.

Are you ready to FLY with your bed smiling at you! You can start today!


How long does it take you to make your bed? Set your timer and tell us!

Our timer is one tool I could not live without!

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