Procrastination; Cleaning Car Windows

Dear Marla,

It took me about two years to finally buy my purple rags. I finally did and I got them this week. I was so skeptic and at the same time excited to see if they were really going to work or not. I rinsed one and started off by cleaning the car windows which I hadn’t washed since forever!

I stood there with my mouth open, just amazed at how nice and shiny my windows looked. If there are any skeptic FlyBabies out there just hesitating to make the purchase, I hope it doesn’t take you two years to purchase them. It will be the best money investment you make..

Thank you FlyLady for this amazing product, and for encouraging us to be better people. Have you ever thought of doing a crisis cleaning for the bedrooms?

Happy FlyBaby,
Judith in NM

FlyLady here: I have never done a Crisis Cleaning Podcast for a bedroom but I did do a video. This was my extra bedroom. I cleaned it in three 15 minutes sessions. Sorry the video is sideways. I had to fight my perfectionism to not post it. My guest room is my catch all room.



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