Getting Things Done in Spurts

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

Ya know how you sometimes have a forehead slapping awakening, with a “Sheesh!” escaping from your lips, without any conscious thought? I have experienced that! Over the past 4 or 5 years, as I have read testimonials, I admit I have not always quite believed what I was reading. I had a sort of “yeah, right” attitude. I have cleaned and stopped, started and stopped a bazillion times over the years.

I have obsessed over my control journal… to the point where I finally just gave it up and stuck it away. I really did not want to be reminded of what I wasn’t doing. Ok, fast forward.

I did a true crisis cleaning a couple of weeks ago to make the house presentable to some visiting friends. I have done this sort of thing countless times, only to let the house go to seed after the visit. Surprisingly, this time has been different.

Things I have learned over the years and have finally put into practice:

I can dust my dining room in about 4 minutes.
I can vacuum my dining room in 5 minutes.
I can dust my living room in 7 minutes.
I can vacuum my living room in 9 minutes.
I can dust mop the kitchen floor in 4 minutes.
I can do a quick wipedown of the kitchen counters in 4 minutes.
I can make my bed in about a minute and a half.
I can do a swish and swipe in the bathroom in 3 minutes.
I can dust my bedroom in 3 minutes.
I can hang up ds and dd’s things in 30 seconds.
I can clear out the clutter in the living room each morning in 2 minutes.
I can dust mop the bathroom floors in 2 minutes each.
I can play on the computer, get up and clean something PAINLESSLY!

I can work on a scrapbook, take a little break, fly around the house and actually ACCOMPLISH something without making it a full days’ work
(or several days!).

I can keep my house company ready without really working at it!

A friend stopped by the other day, unexpectedly. SURPRISE! I didn’t have to make an excuse about what a warm day it was, so we should sit on the deck and talk. I invited him in! I INVITED HIM IN!!! I totally surprised myself!!! My house isn’t “perfect”, but it is sooooooooo much better than it has been in… forever!

Even reading my daily reminders and testimonials, I never quite “got it”. Out of the blue today, I realized what I have been doing! I not only seem to “get it”, I got it without thinking about it, without seeming to make a big deal out of it! I don’t think I was even aware of it! I don’t feel as though I changed my daily routine much… I still seem to sit a lot… but things have been getting done in little spurts. WHO KNEW!!! I can’t tell you how exciting this revelation is to me! Gee! I could have been doing this all along!

Thanks again, all of you, for keeping on keeping on!

Yup. I think I am finally flying in PA!

FlyLady here: FLYing is not an overnight quick fix. You take BabySteps and establish routines. You use the timer to get you started and to give you permission to stop.

Just how long does it take to do different household blessings? Grab your timer and find out! You may be surprised too!

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