I Like Being in my Kitchen Now

Dear FlyLady,

As I was doing up the pots and pans with my sinkful of soapy water and my purple rag, I realized that all the cute little dish rags people have crocheted for me either lay in a drawer, or are used as hotpads or under plants and such. They are not used for dishes; they just won’t do the job.

As for calling them “purple rags”, my mother was an Aussie, and a rag was something you threw away after using it, probably because it would disintegrate in the wash due to age. Thus, we had dish cloths and wash cloths, rather than dish rags and wash rags at our house. I now have purple cloths, which clean like no other, but are so durable I’m still using the first set I bought over 3 years ago.

This was my Sunday morning musing, as I putter about my kitchen because I LIKE being in it now!

Thank you for ALL you do,
FlyBaby Tango
in Oregon

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