My Place is a Model Home

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering for a couple of years and making pretty consistent strides but I just had to share this one with you because it means that others appreciate the efforts too. Last night I was tired and hadn’t gotten to the grocery (love the Grocery Bags by the way) so I ordered pizza for dinner.

Really unusual since starting with Leanne’s Saving Dinner menus. Anyway, when the pizza delivery man arrived, the first thing he said when I opened the door was “Wow, I thought I was at the wrong place when I looked through the window. It looks like a model home”. I’d left the window blinds open so I’d see him when he arrived and he had a clear view through my shiny windows (thanks to the Purple Rags) into my clutter-free dining room. I had set the table to be ready for when the pizza got there complete with cloth napkins and place mats and the “good” china. After all, it was date night and we deserved the best. He also got to see my welcoming living room through the front door.

I was tempted to invite him in for a tour of the house but thought that would be over the top LOL. I just started laughing and sent mental thanks to you for the encouragement and motivation I get from your emails. The compliment was a great ending to a busy and trying week and enough motivation to get me dressed to shoes this morning and keep doing what works.

Thanks for all that you do for us FlyBabies. I never thought I’d be able to impress complete strangers with my housekeeping efforts. It’s just that much sweeter knowing that my efforts are noticed (even by people I’d never met).

FlyBaby Martha in Texas

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