Mini Blinds with Crusty Glued on Dust

Hi FlyLady, Katie and all,

“If you have mini blinds that are beyond dusting you can try cleaning them. In the past I have taken them down and put them in the bathtub with some general purpose cleaner and hot water…”

My bathroom mini-blinds had become crusty with dust glued on with air-freshener. My duster couldn’t budge it, but they are installed behind a wooden valance and it’s too tight a space to take them down and have any hope to put them up again.

One day as I was about to hang up my blue FlyLady mop cover to dry, I took a very gentle swipe down the blinds with the fluffiest, fuzzy side. Three gentle “pets” down the closed blinds and they were almost completely clean! I had a few areas to touch up sideways, but I didn’t have to go blade by blade like I’d tried to do with the purple rags and it worked wonderfully without bending the blades. The same trick took care of the kitchen mini-blinds behind the sink covered with spots and crusty-dust. Easy peezy with the damp mop cover! Now I swipe them regularly after I mop the floors. Just takes a few seconds when I’m putting my tools away.

On another note, I tried the suggestion for using the Rubba Pot Scrubba as a back brush in the shower and really liked it. It made me think about it for gifts:

for dad: Pop Scrubba

for brother: Bubba Scrubba

for sister: Sista Swisha

for husband: a Hubba Scrubba

use it as a couple: a Hubba Hubba Scrubba

For your mother on Mother’s Day, she’ll know it’s a pot scrubber. Give her purple rags and a water bottle instead! LOL!

Thanks for making it fun every day. Bless you all!

RV Flygirl


FlyLady here: This is a great idea. I have used my mop to do my outside windows after a huge rain storm. Here is the video:

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