Your Babies are Watching You

Dear FlyLady,

My 2 1/2 yo DD pays more attention to what I do than I thought. She is REALLY watching me.

You see, it was dusting day in my home. In the middle of dusting, she tugged on my shirt, looked up at me with her bright blue eyes and said ‘mommy, I help?’ I couldn’t believe she really wanted to help, but ok I’ll play along. So, I got her a rag and sure enough, she dusted what she could reach. It was only the entertainment center, but she felt special because she was contributing. (She actually did a pretty good job!)

Later that day I was washing dishes, and she goes to her play kitchen we keep nearby so I can keep an eye on her. She says ‘mommy, I clean too!’ and begins washing her own play dishes. She finishes and throws up her arms and yells ‘ALL DONE!’ So, when I was done, I did that too, and she laughed. We gave each other a big hug and treated ourselves to some ice cream.

I had some free time later in the evening and knowing that our grocery shopping day was coming up, I wanted to get a jump start on my list. I grabbed my control journal, and my notebook I use for my shopping list; sat down and began my monthly ritual…. My DD grabs a notebook she has been coloring in and asks me for a pen. She proceeds to tell me she wants to ‘take my order.’ I chuckled at this; but I asked her if she was going to help me do my shopping list. She climbed on the couch and said ‘I help mommy!’

It is because of you that I can be an inspiration to my kids. Thank You for teaching me the tools needed to bless my family.

Carrie (a SAHM flybaby) and Kellie (a flybaby-in-training)

FlyLady here: Our babies are watching! They see everything we do; the positive and the negative. When our babies see us whining; they will follow our example. When they see a smile on our face; they put one on theirs.

Children love routines! They love our dusters too!


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