Bug Bodies No Problem

Dear FlyLady,

This past weekend, we drove 200 miles to visit relatives. By the time we got home, the vehicle was covered in bug bits and dried bug slime. My husband asked what would take it all off. I replied, “A wet purple cleaning cloth should do the job.” He was dubious, so I wet one, and went out, and very shortly was back in with the windshield and headlights bug-free. He was amazed, as was I. It didn’t even require a lot of elbow grease! I have a dozen of them, and use them all!

PS: our cat just loves the Rubba Scrubba!

Thank you for providing access to such great products.

KY Flybaby


FlyLady here; I keep a purple rag in both our cars and in my purse. It does a great job of all windows; it doesn’t matter if they are covered muddy dog paw prints or dried up bug bodies.

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