Greasy Ring Gone

Dear FlyLady,

Yet another use for the marvelous purple rags!

Our hot tub/spa is my husband’s toy and de-stressor.

Recently he ordered a new pump for it and while waiting for the pump to arrive he drained the tub, scrubbed it out, and refilled it once the pump had arrived. Twenty-four hours later there was a greasy ring at the water line created by whatever the pump had been lubricated with in the factory. The water was clear due to the filter, but there was no way to clean the ring off without emptying the tub, scrubbing with a degreaser and refilling the tub with our expensive water (we live in southern California.)

I told my husband to wait to drain the tub and let me see if a purple rag would do the job. Just a little elbow grease (no harmful cleansers) and voila–the tub was ring-free. Score!

A San Diego Flybaby

FlyLady here: The more you use these wonderful “rags,” the more uses you will find! We love to hear about your fun ways to use our Purple Rags. Send them to with WONDER RAGS in the subject line.

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