My Shower was my Nemesis

Hi FlyLady!

First, I am loving the Facebook group. Everyone is so friendly, upbeat and positive and I find I achieve more when I check it out every day.

I am writing to thank you for those brilliant purple rags in a bag. Wow! My shower is my nemisis. I hate cleaning my shower. A year ago I invested in a rather expensive cleaning mit, convinced that it would keep my shower shining and beautiful without using chemicals. Yeah … turns out that the mit just sits in the cupboard and doesn’t get up on it’s own and clean my shower. I was misled!!! LOL.

I have discovered that it is me who needs to keep my shower clean, and I really dislike using the mit, as it’s all scratchy on the inside and hurts my hands. So yesterday I took to the grungy tiles with a purple rag … it was wet from mopping up a water spill … maybe it would clean the glass. Whoa! It did … all that soap film came right off with less effort than using the glove. I have cleaned the upper tiles, and over the next couple of days I will clean another row until I reach the floor.

So thank you for a product that not only matches the purple tiles in my bathroom, but is affordable (even shipping it to Australia), functional and versatile.


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