The One Two Punch for the Patio

Dear FlyLady,

Just had to send in this dual testimonial about the Rubba Scrubba and Rubba Sweepa. I can’t recall hearing about these tools used for this yet.

Today I was cleaning up my patio and BBQ. So I got out my hose and soap and started hosing everything off, the bbq is 4 years old and was not coming very clean with just the hose and soap being sprayed at it, and then I grabbed my Rubba Scrubba, took it to the grease and grime and dirt coating the outside.

The stainless steel of my BBQ lid is shiny again!!! I can see the temperature
gauge and the grease and crud that was covering the knobs is no more!!! It looks almost new! I have to go out and get a BBQ cover to keep it looking this way.

As for the patio, when I was hosing that down it was coming clean fairly easily
but the water was leaking over to the neighbors side, I am in an apartment style condo and we have adjoining patios. I had to redirect this flood somehow and then I thought of the Rubba Sweepa since it had the squeegee on one side, it worked like a charm! Not only did it stop the water from going over to the neighbors but it helped clean the patio even better and squeegeed the water right off the end of the patio and made for a much faster drying time!

Thanks for such great tools!


FlyLady here: Our purple rags do a good job on our grills too.

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