A System that Grows and Grows on You!


I have been flying for several years now. It is getting hard to separate what was novel ideas that I learned from you and what is “just how I do things now”.

I guess, like raising kids, that would be your objective =) – that we absorb and make your teachings “our own”. Thanks. Thanks for making a difference.

Now on the Rubba Scrubba….I am a fan of many FlyLady resources but found a new way to use the Rubba Scrubba that tickled me. Within the past couple months we have moved to a new home and this home has a beautiful waterfall and pond in the backyard. Learning how to take care of the water feature has been a challenge. String algae grows on the rocks at times and is resistant to “letting go”. I sure did not want to use anything abrasive to scratch the beautiful rocks or anything toxic that might get in the water and hurt the fish and plants below.

THEN I thought of the Rubba Scrubba. It does the job perfectly!! My husband has taken over that aspect of the waterfall maintenance and I notice that he always grabs the “Pond Rubba Scrubba” for that task. (“Pond Rubba Scrubba” to identify it from the Dog Brushing Rubba Scrubba or the laundry room Rubba Scrubba or the bathroom Rubba Scrubba…..you get the idea =) )

Thanks for a system that grows you instead of one you “follow” – and for great tools!

FlyBaby MaryLee from Georgia

FlyLady here: OH MaryLee, I love what you said, “A system that grows you instead of one you “follow”! We have always wanted you to adapt to fit your family! By establishing one habit at a time; they stick better! As each habit becomes automatic, you can add another one to fit with it. Your habits grow into routines. These simple three step routines free your from stress. That is all any of us want!

I have a pond too and I know about that stringy algae! I will have to get out a Rubba Scrubba and label it for the Pond. For all of you who have Rubba Scrubbas; look on the back and you will see a light gray box. That is where you take a Sharpie and label your Rubba Scrubba! I had no clue till Michele found that little box. We have one in every room in our home.

We have a package full of our rubba tools.

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