Who Knew it Could be This Much Fun?

Dear FlyLady,

This item it just so awesome! I never knew???? As a child, my mother would make us dust and or hand wash every surface and knick knack (which were in extreme abundance) twice a month on Saturday morning before we could watch cartoons or play. I HATED DUSTING!!!

Upon moving out, I avoided it as much as possible. Then I turned to my dusting wand on my vacuum. Didn’t work too well, but I WAS dusting. LOL

When I started getting your newsletter, about 2 weeks ago, I was reading your website and hearing all the wonderful comments about the dusters, so I ordered one. It came yesterday! I was bushed after working all day, but I wanted to give this NEW thing a try, thinking it would prove what I always suspected, DUSTING IS WORK!

Well, you have definitely proved me wrong! I got soooooo excited I called my mother in Nebraska, I live in Illinois. She just laughed! She doesn’t understand, but I plan to buy these for Christmas presents! I dusted my whole house, closets, ceilings, air returns, behind the washer and dryer, the furnace room, EVERYWHERE!!! I had to shake it out 22 times!!!!! The house smells so much fresher! My allergies are very bad today, due to all of my vigorous dusting, but I know that will improve greatly now.

I just had to write and thank you! At 45 I have found, you CAN teach a not-so-old dog a new trick!

Flying on now,

FlyBaby C.

FlyLady Here: It is all about making something fun. Whatever duster you use your attitude has to change with it. Dusting can be fun if you think it is. Our dusters are ostrich feathers if you buy one someplace else make sure it says ostrich on it. Nothing works better.

Now I never dreamed that someone could shake their duster 22 times. This is a great testimonial. I didn’t even know our dusters could do this. The key is to keep shaking that duster outside. Hey if it get too dirty all you have to do is shake it good and put a bit of baby shampoo on it and swish it around in warm water. Blot it dry and then blow dry it. It gets so poofy then. The reason ostrich feathers work so well is because they have no oil in them and the thousands of little feathers attack the dust.

Continue to take those babysteps. I don’t want you crashing and burning from dusting all night even if it is fun. Feather dusting my whole house takes 2 minutes. Click here to order The FlyLady Extreme Duster!

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