I Want Plain Ones

Dear FlyLady,

Is there any chance we could get the towels WITHOUT the days embroidered on them? Perfectionist me would have to have the right one on the right day and what if it’s in the laundry . . . . you get the idea.

FlyBaby Mona

Dear Mona and other FlyBabies

No, we will not have plain dish towels. That is exactly what I am counting on when it comes to our dish towels. I know you so well! As the shiny sink becomes a habit you will enjoy setting out your fresh new dish towel for the next day as you shine your sink before you go to bed. It will become one of those final touches that puts a smile on your face.

As a result of your joy each time to place that dish towel on the counter you will make sure the laundry is done each day/every other day/every week. The best part is you have a grace period for your dish towels. You have a few days to gather up a load of towels to wash. I love the idea of grace periods.

So as you see I have used your trait of perfectionism to help you keep the laundry done. I love it. Knowing yourself and utilizing your traits to your advantage is what FLYing is all about!

Here is a link to our dish towels. I think they are the best dish towel I have ever used. It took us years to find one that I thought was worthy of you. We deserve tools that make us smile!


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