I Need a Couple More

Dear FlyLady,

The water bottle is awesome, I need to get a couple more. Love the ease of filing with ice and that the bottle is not cold to the touch and doesn’t sweat.

Great product.

A FlyBaby

FlyLady here: Just like this FlyBaby, we love our Stainless Water Bottle. This month we are moving! We need to stay hydrated. Next month we will be practicing drinking our water.

We have searched high and low for a water bottle to offer to you all in our efforts to promote going “purple” (this is the FlyLady way of going green. We wanted a stainless steel bottle, that was durable, that fit in the car cup holders, that held 16 ounces, that had a wide enough mouth to add ice to the bottle also not to have to drink out of a wide mouth bottle. We really, really wanted a bottle that did not sweat!! We had to find a bottle that was double walled to keep it from sweating all over our furniture, cars and slipping right out of our hands. While we were at it, we wanted a way to be able to personalize the bottles for the individuals that were using them. Whew! Hard work ahead but as usual Jack in our Fly Shop found THE bottle for us!

A 16 ounce, double walled, stainless steel, two mouth – one large for adding ice, one small for drinking, that fits in the car cup holders with a set of interchangeable carry straps in 8 colors! We kept the bottle simple, stainless steel with no logos. Discreet, simple and most importantly reusable!!

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