No Harsh Chemicals

Dear FlyLady,

I just ordered the Clog Cannon and it had arrived just this week!, as the pipes in my parents’ home, (where my daughter and I have moved, as they are in Assisted Living), were largely replaced, but the basement laundry sink was clogged and backing up from the upstairs dishwasher. I haven’t decided whether its wise to try it there, yet. But this morning, I walked into the kitchen to find the sink was stopped up. I didn’t think I’d poured anything into it that should have resulted in a clog, but neither have I been doing my baking soda/vinegar treatments, either.

So I got out the cannon, read the instructions, looked at the YouTube video, put pots/skillets under the trap, and decided to try it. I turned my head (didn’t have safety goggles), pulled the trigger, and the drain is open. I did get splashed a little, but hey, if I don’t have to use harsh chemicals in the sink, its ok.

Now, some vinegar and baking soda!



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