Staying Hydrated During the Summer

Dear FlyLady,

I ordered my 87 year old mother a 12-oz water bottle for mother’s day. She has had dehydration issues in the past and a rotator cuff issue in her shoulder so I wanted to keep it smaller than the 16 ounce which I have.

The water bottle has really put drinking water to the top of my list. The rubber bottles I have used in the past have eventually been used for coffee, tea, and sodas. How could I ever defile this beautiful bottle with anything but water? I lifeguard and teach swimming in an indoor pool with a constant space temperature of 85 – 87 degrees. The ice is still there…7 hours later. I carry it in my car. It doesn’t sweat. This summer I will be lifeguarding and managing an outdoor pool. I’ll be curious to see how long the cool and ice last on a 90 to 100 degree day.

While I am testimonialing (new word!), I’ve got to talk about the purple rags. I laughed at myself in the article you wrote about people who don’t use them for really dirty jobs. I was one of those people. I hid them from my family. Now I use them for everything from cars to grills and litter boxes. Then I wash them and hang them up to dry and use them again. The health department required that we post our water chemistry readings on a wipe board so they are available for the public. I cut up one of my purple rags in four pieces.

I waited to get arrested for destroying a purple rag. It didn’t happen. Then I taught my fellow lifeguards how to dip one of the pieces in water and erase the data on the board and use the other piece to dry the board. I didn’t share the other two pieces. Those are for me. After I write my swim lesson plans on a protective sheet cover, I clean them off and have them ready for next lesson.

Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family and now my work family.

FlyBaby Cathy

FlyLady here: Staying hydrated is important when we are moving in May! Are you drinking your water. Sometime I have to set my timer to remind me to drink up! I am filling up my water bottle again!

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