My Toddler Helps me to FLY

Dear FlyLady,

I have been FLYing (and frequently crashing!) for almost 5 years now, but unlike
many of my interrupted organizing projects, I have never stopped reading your mails.
They have kept on dinning your message into my head till I picked up my battered
wings, smoothed them over, and started FLYing again.

My younger DS ( his 2nd birthday in July) has found the kitchen to be his ideal
play area, especially when I am not around. His favorite pastimes are picking things
off the counter to taste them, hiding dirty dishes in the cabinets and taking clean
dishes from the cabinets and throwing them in the kitchen sink. Nothing on the counter
is safe until I push them to the very back. And God knows how many times I’ve had
to wash clean dishes that had fallen into “mystery water” in the sink .

So I started placing the dirty dishes in the sink directly instead of leaving them
all over the place. Then I started washing the dishes in the sink regularly after
each meal so that (a) there would be room for the next batch of dirty dishes and
(b) the clean dishes he wanted to throw in the sink would not become dirty. I also
started putting back everything and clearing the counter so that he couldn’t pull
down anything.

Yesterday, it hit me! He is making me do exactly what you have been telling me to
do all these years!!! He even helps me drink my water in the blazing heat of summer
in North India by asking for water each hour or half hour. Whenever I give him a
drink of water, I drink some too. I can’t tell you how the hydration has helped.
FLYing in India!

P.S. – Other FLYbabies can have him for loan during the daytime if they want. Excellent
for cleaning up whole home in a jiffy!!!


FlyLady here: We will do things for our children more than we will do them for ourselves.

I am so proud of you for staying hydrated and putting things away as you finish with them.

Drinking our water is a great habit to give us more energy. Do you have a water
bottle that keeps your water cool without dribbling condensation all over your furniture
and car? Our water bottle keeps your water cold!

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