Memorial Day will be Here Soon

Dear Friends,

My husband and I took flowers for both sets of parents, his brother and my sister to the cemetery yesterday.

Before putting the flower vases back in place we trimmed the grass that was growing over the marble around the the bronze markers. The markers have different designs and decorations around the edges.

The Rubba Scrubba swept the grass and dirt from winter away without damaging the surface. A wet purple rag cleaned the film away and a dry one polished the marble and bronze.

The improvement was amazing, we wished we had taken before shots. We did take photos of each marker to send to family members in California, Iowa, Ohio and Tennessee.

The Rubba Scrubba and purple rags are both great products.

Thanks so much.

Gayle in WV

=^..^= just added Rubba Scrubba to my spell check dictionary =^..^=

FlyLady here: In the south we call this Decoration day or Homecoming. Many families gather at the church cemetery for a Dinner on the grounds and a clean up. I am so glad that you found a way to bless your family with our tools.

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