My Floor is Shiny

Dear FlyLadies,

I have been fluttering for a few weeks now, I have four precious FlyFurrBall cats, two of which are long hair and this is shedding season. My Rubba Sweepa and Rubba Scrubba gets the hair loose from both the carpet and cat trees. The Sweepa also does a great job at sweeping up the litter that comes out of their paws.

But my Home Blessings haven’t been going well; I have a Swiffer which just took the litter dust and smeared it around on the floor, no matter how many pads I used. Today my new FlyLady Mop Package arrived. A quick dust with the “red head” pulled up the dust and loose hair. Then it took two passes with plain water and the mopping heads, and voila! My floor is shiny for the first time in a couple months. My spouse was impressed. He thought I’d done it on my hands and knees like I did during the holidays.

Got my water bottles, too. It’s so nice to have a wide mouth for loading! And I played with my detail duster; it seems to grab the floating cat hair from the air because by the time I carried it into the Living Room there were several white hairs on it. Maybe I should get four more and mount them on my fan blades?

Grinning at my shiny (again) floor,

FlyLady here: My son recommends our detailed duster for our flat screen TVs. Our Rubba tools are great for your furbabies or the hair that comes with them. We love our critters. Purple rags are the best for those puppy toes and nose prints on our windows and doors.

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