A Funny Testimonial

Dear FlyLady,

I just had to let you know that this is simply the most splendid of all your amazing tools! I absolutely adore it and if my husband hadn’t held me back I’d be de-clogging my neighbours too!

Our sink plug holes have long possessed the procrastinating gene and have taken their time distributing any liquid that goes in the sink much to my dismay as I read once that it’s good Feng Shui that the water whisks away. Plus I have the ultimate helper at home, so he tells me, for my husband is a very busy plumber and all his efforts had not removed the she-ness from our sinks either. So I’d anticipated a life of staring gloomily at sink contents far longer than I would wish.

But lo! Enter stage left Jack, Tanner and Crew and that brilliant video. Straightaway I ordered the clog cannon and then later that day proudly showed DH who said he could get one locally. Well you can imagine that remark went down like the Titanic, why hadn’t anything like it been seen in our house then!!!, mr busy plumber man! I was shocked and dismayed as he laughed at me importing one from the US. Well I just knew it wouldn’t be anything like he’d seen before so I just kept quiet.

Today it arrived and I let him road test it and it is just so super brilliant. We tried the bathroom sink first and the water developed a little swirl, second go another swirl, third go swirling some more, fourth go PROPER SINK GURGLE!!! He laughed as I was just so thrilled. Bath plug hole next and another display of the magic magic. DH was really impressed, as a professional plumber he’s not easily won over by gadgets, but he’s given this a 10 out of 10.

And me, well I’ve got a great excuse to shine all my sinks: so I can hear them laugh as the water gives them a tickle on the way down. And my Shui is now Fenged!!!

Thanks muchly FlyLady and crew for the ace-aroony Clog Cannon!!

Sharon, England.

FlyLady here: Michele and I can’t quit laughing. I have tears rolling down my face! Isn’t this just what happens. The shoemakers children go barefoot. Hairdresser kids have the messiest hair. Now the plumbers can have clog-free drains.

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