FlyLady’s Amazing Influence

Dear FlyLady,

I am a FlyBaby just fluttering a little bit and frequently inspired by you and my amazing FlyBaby girlfriend.

She has been FLYing for quite a while and we moved in together just a couple months ago. Several things became very apparent and feel very special:

1. FlyLady shoes. My girlfriend took me shoe shopping and we both got shoes for home. This is the first time I’ve ever had shoes for home and it feels great! You put on your home shoes, start your timer and get things done! I know that when she has her timer clipped to her waist and her shoes on that our home is going to be cleaned orswished or scrubbed and most definitely loved.

2. Timers, timers and timers. We have 2 timers right now and they are put to good use. We’ve had to replace the batteries in each of them. We use them for cooking, for cleaning, for studying, for tidying and, most importantly, to keep us on track. We are both perfectionists to a degree and there is nothing like “15 minutes” to keep us from working ourselves to exhaustion.

3. Our calendar. We have a beautiful big FlyLady calendar covered in stickers. Every month when we flip it over and it is empty, I smile and think about all the stickers we will get to put on it. We have stickers for cooking, yoga, running, dancing, studying, family days, cleaning, working and going outdoors. Sometimes we have so many stickers, it’s hard to find space around the writing. That calendar brings us joy every single day.

4. Cozi lists. Our Cozi lists help with everything. Shopping has become so simple. Before I would be scratching my head in the store over something I scribbled on a napkin and smeared with bbq sauce. Now, I just bring out my phone, open up Cozi and there is what we need. Magic!

What really brought home how wonderful FLYing can be was a visit to Mountain Equipment Co-op we made a couple of weeks ago. We were looking at new coats and hats for my girlfriend and she comes over to me carrying the purplest coat I have ever seen… With neon green lining. I smiled and we both thought it was the perfect coat for FLYing. We got it and I see how she smiles every time she puts it on. Oh! And the hat! We bought a knitted toque that contained one of life’s little surprises… Inside, there is a tag that says “Use your head”.

Now, every time we leave the house and she puts on her purple jacket and toque we both smile and say “Use your head!”. I know this has been a rambling e-mail but, I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU!” from both of us.

Our home is clean, inviting and warm and a big part of that is all the lessons you teach.

Thank You,

FlyBaby Matthew from Vancouver, BC

FlyLady here: What a wonderful way to FLY together!

The timer and the calendar are two of the most important tools you will ever use.

Cozi is a FREE online calendar and organizer that has apps for some smart phones. You can have your daily flight plan on your Cozi calendar.

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