The High Window is Clean; Unbelievable

Dear Friends,

Monday was a great day! We started this morning with a Weekly Home Blessing. There was a bunch of us on Facebook doing it together!

One of our 10 Minute Blessings is to clean the Puppy Nose Prints off of our doors. I grabbed one of our purple Rags and in about 2 minutes it was done! At that point I had 8 more minutes. That is when I put one of our purple Rags in a Bag into the clips on our FlyLady Mop and headed outside with the Windex.

Our kitchen is three walls of picture windows! The one over our kitchen sink was nasty. It is also 10 or more feet from the ground. I can get some of it; just not the top. With my trusty FlyLady Mop with our clipped in place I got it clean! Was it perfect! NO! Was it done! YES and I was happy. This was the first time it has been done since I hired it done five years ago.

I never knew this mop could be so handy! The Purple Rags in a Bag give it that streak free shine! Then I came inside and used it to clean the top of the windows without having to climb up on a chair. This thing might just save me from falling!

Now I don’t have to drag the ladder out! Not that I was going to! I never have! That is not my job! LOL I do like being able to see out my windows!

FlyBaby with a Shiny Window
FlyLady here: I know exactly how you feel. I have several picture windows that I cannot reach without a ladder. I agree! This girl does not climb ladders! Next time I will tuck a purple rag into my FlyLady Mop and clean those windows. I am ready for the next thunderstorm.

Here is the video I posted on Facebook in August 2010. I think its time for some more videos!

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