Pamper Mission 06/09/2013

Dear Friends,

Each of us has many roles to play. We may be a spouse, mother, friend, daughter, boss, employee, teacher, or volunteer. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our roles, that we forget the person behind those roles. Who is she? What does she like? What makes her feel beautiful? What makes her feel relaxed? What makes her smile? What are her dreams?

To get in touch with that long forgotten person, I recommend creating a Book of Dreams. To begin, gather a few supplies that are very familiar to veteran Flybabies. You’ll need a notebook, some paper or card stock, page protectors or a hole punch, some papercrafting glue, a pen, and any decorations you would like to make your notebook attractive to you. Just don’t get so carried away with decorating that you never get around to creating the contents!

Once you have gathered your supplies, the real journey of self discovery begins. Take a few minutes throughout the day to let your mind wander and think about the things you like. What is your favorite color? Purple, perhaps? *wink* What are your favorite foods? What occupation have you always dreamed about? Do you wish you had gone to nursing school, or perhaps even become a missionary? What places do you long to see? Fill your book with all the things that are ‘you.’

If purple is your favorite color, then perhaps use a light purple paper as a background for your journaling. If an occasional piece of Belgium chocolate makes you smile, put a picture of your favorite brand in your book. If you’ve always wanted to be a missionary, do a little research and find a mission field that interests you and put the details in your Book of Dreams. Don’t give a thought about whether or not these dreams are practical. The purpose of this pamper mission is to get to know the person you are deep inside instead of the public persona that is displayed for the world to see.

Don’t let this only be a week long project. Continue to add to your book throughout the year as you think of long cast aside dreams. Enjoy getting to know that person who stares back at you in the mirror.

I hope your book becomes a source of comfort and delight as it fills with travel brochures, favorite poems, and pictures that you make you smile and dream again!

FlyLady Dana

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