Passed with Flying Colors

Dear FlyLady,

My 4th grade son had water bottles banned in his class for a few weeks, not only for the spill factor with flimsy straws or perspiring bottles ruining homework papers, but also because some of the classmates seemed to get a kick out of “crunching” the plastic water bottles to make noise with them.

When she saw my son’s new stainless steel water bottle, she slowly reinstated the allowance of water bottles in the classroom, but continued banning the disposable plastic bottles. He loves that no one can see the inside; he will sometimes take a lemonade powder to shake into the water to go with his lunch, and there’s still plenty of “cold” left by the time he’s finished with gym class later in the afternoon.

Needless to say, our persuasion about staying hydrated is finally meeting success!

The extra colored straps are now identifying backpacks, instrument cases, travel luggage, etc… Many thanks for an incredibly durable, practical product. It has met and passed both the 4th and 6th grade “coolness” (pun intended) test with “flying” colors.

A grateful MN FlyBaby


FlyLady here: Our children need to stay hydrated, too! We offer a 12 oz. size water bottle if you need one that is smaller than the 16 oz. size that we have offered for several years. Many parents have ordered the smaller size for their younger children.

The stainless steel water bottle is well designed. The cap stays attached with a strap…so even the most forgetful child won’t lose it! The water bottle comes with 8 different colored straps. You can purchase a water bottle for every member of the family and designate each one with a specific color strap!

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