I Can’t Afford Pampering Potions

Dear FlyLady,

There is a few of us FlyBabies here that are low income and can’t afford much wanting to pamper ourselves. The bathgels, lotion, foot spas, and so forth can get expensive. Are there any suggestions you can provide for some cost free or home remedy type pampering sessions?




Dear Tanya,

All you have to do is go to your kitchen for a little sugar or salt to make a scrub with a little oil. We have but together a lot of these fun things on our website in our pampering section at the bottom of our homepage.

Most of the stuff we already have in our homes. We are just saving it for special occasions. If you don’t have these things in your home put them on your wish list.

Read over some of these and have fun putting together some pamper packages for yourself.

Pampering Ideas part 1
Pampering Ideas Part 2

Here is a pampering mission. It has some great recipes.

Dear Friends:

By now you should be relaxed from your bubble bath and be scrubbed, shaved, plucked and lubed. Doesn’t it feel GREAT! Now for your next assignment, you get to take another Bubble Bath! Yea! But, you are also to apply a deep conditioner to your hair and apply a facial treatment. Apply the facial and the conditioner before you get in the tub and leave on while you soak for 20 minutes, the soak is the reward for taking such good care of yourself.

* If you don’t have any deep conditioner treatment, you can make a mixture of olive oil and egg yolks, apply to hair and wrap hair in a warm towel. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse well. Depending on what type of hair you have this might work better for some if they apply this first and then wash the mixture out. You can also use regular hair conditioner and wrap hair in a warm towel for 20 minutes. Then rinse well.

* A facial treatment, if you have some facial mask stuff that has been hanging around the bathroom, now is the time to drag it out! If you don’t, I have two that you can make at home.

The first for those of you that have oily skin: take 3 eggs whites and whip until slightly stiff, apply to face, be careful around the eye area as this will dry the eye area out. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse well with warm water.

The second for those of you with dry skin: Take mayonnaise (yes mayo!) scoop out a large spoonful and slather on your face! I know it seems strange, but it will moisturize your dried out face! Leave for 20 minutes and use a warm washcloth the rinse off.

Another suggestion if you would like to rest those tired eyes, take two tea bags that have been steeped and rest the tea bags on your closed eyes while you soak, sounds strange but very refreshing. You can sip on the tea while soaking!

If you have not taken the bubble bath yet and you have not scrubbed, shaved plucked and lubed, do it all today including the deep conditioner and the mask!

I am asking you to trust me that you will feel so gooooooood! :>)


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