Testimonial Full of FlyBaby Tips!

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

I just wanted to say a few things about some of your products. Last night I used the Rubba Scrubba to clean the bottom of my slippers. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been trying to get the “gunk” and pet hair off of the bottom for months! I had the Rubba Scrubba, just didn’t think about it. It worked wonders. Thanks. I have five chihuahuas and the Rubba Sweepa is absolutely amazing. It picks up the pet hair better than any broom every could. But you know all of this don’t you.

The dusters are outstanding. I won’t let my husband anywhere near them because he has a habit of “losing” the rags he uses and the outside dogs get a hold of them. I love the mop and the calendar too. I have two of the calendars. I bought one for the kitchen and when my husband saw it he wanted one for the office too.

But here’s the thing that amazed me the most. I bought the Kitchen towels. The white ones with the days of the week one them. I was worried about buying white, because of stains and looking yucky. I’m not very good with white. Well, I was cooking pork chops one night and my husband asked me to go look for some files that he needed. I asked him to cover the pork chops with a towel to keep the flies off of them. Now I have colored towels, but he chose the white one. When I found the file he needed, I came back in the kitchen to cook the pork chops and found that my once white towel was now COMPLETELY red. It was soaked in blood! And it had started to dry. I put it in a sink of cold water to soak. And after dinner washed out with dish soap. Then I washed it with the regular wash. Can you believe that it is only very slightly stained. Almost completely unnoticeable! I couldn’t believe it! I just knew it was ruined when I saw it and it is almost like new. You have the most wonderful products FlyLady! I just ordered dryer kit and two Rubba Swishas a few days ago. I’m sure I’ll love them too.

Thank-you FlyLady and Crew for all you do and your tools! You truly are the best!

FLYbaby in TN


FlyLady here: These towels went through the Michele and Kathy test! They like their whites WHITE and they are not opposed to using bleach to get things white. These towels passed their test and mine! My test was they had to be absorbent. I can’t stand a towel that won’t dry my dish or hands. Do not put fabric softener on them. Michele was washing a load of whites the other day and took some of my dishtowels home with her to throw in with her half load. I used one and could tell she had used fabric softener.

We have our Rubba Scrubbs, Rubba Sweepas and Rubba Swishas in a package for you!

FYI ~ Dusters are going fast. Don’t procrastinate another day because they will be gone. New Calendars are in stock!

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