You Have Made Me a Better Mommy

Dear FlyLady,

About two months ago, a friend’s wife mentioned your site to me at a party. She said “it has changed my life”. When someone says something like that, I pay attention.

I am a new mom (my adorable son just turned 1) and I was completely overwhelmed with keeping up with him and the housework. Naturally, I decided to surrender and let the house go so I could focus on being a good mommy. That is the most important thing to me (as I know it is for other moms too) so when I heard about your program I was skeptical because I thought that it would just try to force me to become obsessed with housework and essentially ignore my son.

Boy, was I wrong.

Your system has given me the freedom and comfort to really focus on being a fun-loving, good mommy. For me it is both philosophical and pragmatic. Philosophically, I can relax and be nice to myself and just take babysteps. Pragmatically, I feel so much less frazzled and more empowered because the little messes he makes take no time at all to clean up in a clean house. Let me give you an example.

Yesterday, we were playing in my kitchen while I cleaned our dishes after lunch. The kitchen floor is hardwood, in bad shape and needs to be replaced. I had given up on cleaning it because of this so I never used to let him play on it….until now. With your system, I found time to mop the floor, and I found patience and strength to accept that I am saving the money to fix it and that it is clean enough, if not perfect.

I also found the time to just let him play because the house is in good order. First he emptied a few cupboards, then he moved on to the butcher block drawers.

Instead of freaking out, I encouraged him and laughed…then cheered loudly as he put the contents back in. And when he was done, I set him in his playpen with a toy for five minutes (I set the timer) and quickly organized the cupboards again. Done. No big deal. On to the next exciting experiment with him. House in order.

Happy baby. Happy mama. What a happy, peaceful afternoon.

Thank you for giving me new freedom and confidence. It has made me a better mommy and that means everything to me.

Heather in Portland, OR.

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