Chalk Another One Up for the Purple Brush

Dear FlyLady,
Rubba Scrubba
Okay, chalk another one up for the purple brush! My husband and I went to work on our fish pond in our backyard yesterday. We needed to clean up the algae in the pond and it did a GREAT job! It loosed up the algae without damaging the liner of the pond. It even helped to collect clumps of roots that were from plants we had in the pond last year.

It is fun to find new ways to use the Rubba Scrubba around the house. It even helped to sweep the drywall dust off the walls before I could paint without leaving scratch marks in the drywall cement.

Thanks for offering to us such a great product!

Flybaby Leanne from Kamloops, BC, Canada

FlyLady here; We love our Rubba Scrubbas. They are good for lots of outside jobs from lawn furniture to pontoon boats. Get yours today! They make summer cleanup and fix up fun.

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