Medical Emergency and a Storm

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

I’ve been Flying for most of the last 5 years and how my family and me are thankful for you and your regular reminders this week.

Early Thursday morning my MIL woke us with a phone call to ask what to do as my FIL couldn’t breathe, call the ambulance! Long story short he’s a chronic Type 2 Diabetic and has had a large, damaging heart attack and will undergo surgery next week.

Thanks to our routines we had gone to bed at a decent hour and while not able to go back to sleep dozed in between the next four phone calls and the alarm going off. My sink shone at me in the morning and welcomed the day (we set up each night with the kettle filled, teapot ready to go, glasses for juice, tablets on counter – you get the idea) and remote control got DH to work, kids to school albeit a dash home for the saxophone. We had healthy dinner thanks to my menu planning.

As luck would have it when I pulled out the calendar at the start of this year with school planner when our DS’s have a 4 day weekend DH would too, this is one of those weekends. DH was able to be there for his dad all day Friday. While I had originally planned 4 days of Family Fun we’ve been able to alter things so our DS’s have some and DH can come to terms with his dad’s illness (MIL went through this 2 years ago to the day).

To top off our challenges we had a once in 120 year storm tear through Melbourne yesterday with baseball and golf ball sized hail stones and 40mm of rain in 1/2 an hour. Thanks to my routines our gutters were clear as were our storm water drains. Roof tiles were fine as well. We had a minor flood of our garage with no damage as DH had attacked most of the clutter there last Spring.

I had even marked on my calendar to sprinkle water saving granules on the garden this month and as rain was predicted I had even put those out yesterday morning and DH had put compost out 2 weeks ago (again marked on calendar). The storm has dumped some leaves and gumnuts in our garage and carport gutters and DH is out cleaning those up in preparation for any more storms – predicted for later today.

This morning I was able to welcome a friend into our home and not feel ashamed about clutter as there essentially isn’t any – sure we have 8 first aid kits were getting prepared for the football club but they’re taking up space for another two weeks then they’re gone.

I guess the upshot of my email is to say thank you, my routines have helped keep our home relaxed and and on track. We’re altering our fun plans but keeping the bulk of them happening and as my girlfriend said this morning, “you all look so relaxed despite everything that’s happened this week.”

Thank you for the encouragement and permission to jump in wherever. Things just seem to happen and I don’t have to think where am I THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

My family and I will be forever grateful for the calm you have bought to us and our home.


calm and smiling in Melbourne, Australia

FlyLady here: At some time or another, every family goes through a medical emergency. Right now I want you to think about how you would be able to react to that phone call. Would you panic or would your routines and BabySteps allow you to focus on your loved one?

Are you prepared for a storm? What would happen if you experienced a once in a 120 year storm?

Routines and BabySteps help you get through anything!

I know I say this a lot, but every family needs a large central calendar where everybody can post their activities and know what is going on.

You might think it is too late to buy one for this year, but it isn’t. Hang it in the heart of your home and every evening check the calendar. This way you will know where everyone needs to be the following day and what they need to have with them. I promise you, your day will start off easier.


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