How Do I Wash Them?

Dear FlyLady,

Please don’t buy a more pale color as the purple rag doesn’t show dirt stains. I was amazed at how clean my outdoor glass-top table got with just one pass of the rag. The next pass made it sparkle. The next day I ate lunch on it–great weather and I escaped hearing the World Cup match. I never would have considered eating outside previously.

I do have a question. What kind of load should we throw the purple rags into?

Dear Elinor,

I did the same thing today. I cleaned my outside glass top table that was covered in muck, pollen and dirt. In the past I have had to use Windex and lots of paper towels. I could not believe how fast my table was shining!

I had a new package of purple rags. I decided to stick them in my stainless steel sink with hot water. They did not bleed any purple! I was shocked that the water did not turn purple. I guess our last shipment was rinsed well. I would still rinse your purple rags out in a bucket.

Do not wash purple rags with anything other than Purple Rags. Fibers from other cloths can ruin the texture of the purple rag.

I use very little soap and a bucket to wash them. Do not use any fabric softener on them. Then I hang mine out to dry so that Harley can not get them. Here is a video that we did with Harley.

Dirty Doors!
Dirty Doors!

These rags are good for doors, counters, mirrors and the latest use is in the shower. You can use them on your body to exfoliate or on your shower doors to get rid of soap film. We love these rags.


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