Perfectionism is the Enemy of Good Enough

Dear FlyLady, Swish and Swipe Package

I wanted to share my experience with the Rubba Swisha and how I became a believer. I have been a FlyBaby for about 8 months now and still trying out different routines, my control journal is a control post-it, but I have faith that it will grow along with me. I keep trying different ways to develop the Swish and Swipe habit, but to-date, no luck 🙁 I ordered the rubba swishas thinking they would be the magic wand.

They stayed in their box for weeks because I didn’t think I had the perfect container for them. I was cleaning out my bathroom one day before my shower (now a 20 minute task instead of 1 and berating myself all the while) and did a swish with the old brush. And kept thinking it doesn’t smell clean. I wipe off the floors, convinced it’s all in my head. And then wiping the floor next to the bowl, I was horribly surprised when I saw the gunk under the rim of the toilet.

No wonder I kept thinking it smelled! I grabbed the rubba swisha, put it in a vase that I had previously thought wasn’t good enough, sprayed some cleaner and went to work. 2 minutes, no smell, sparkling toilet and lesson learned – The perfect is the enemy of the good, And the tool that I didn’t think deserved the raves – well, I’m a raver now!!

Thanks for this and the other wonderful tools in the FlyShop. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my money was so well spent!




FlyLady here:  Our swisha is made for getting under that hidden rim! You won’t believe how much stuff comes out from under there.

Don’t get stuck in your perfectionism! The holder is just a holder; don’t allow your perfectionism to stand in the way of using a great tool to keep your bathroom company ready!

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