Piece by Piece to Peace

Dear FlyLady,

Thanks for getting so many of us on the road to peaceful living!!  This subject line was prompted by my cousin, who I was encouraging that I’d gotten so much done in my kitchen in small increments.

She’d felt bad that, because her back gets so tired, she’d done nothing on her “piles” of clutter.  Then she emailed me back to say she’d “tossed more pieces of paper than the boogie calls for.”  That made me think of “piece by piece to PEACE!!”  It’s absolutely true.

I’ve been flying for a number of years, & due to my DH’s open heart surgery & our DD’s wedding, I’d gotten in a hurry so much that I’d stash something here & there instead of putting it away, & before I knew it, I was buried again.  It was driving me nuts.  I couldn’t stand the clutter!!  With the wedding behind us, I claimed my home back!!  I worked a while, then took a break, worked some more, took a break.  One of your recent emails about a “15 minute day” encouraged a lot of us to jump back in…  For my cousin, she thought “If Flylady can take a break, so can I, and still do a bit & make progress!”

After this weekend, I’m a believer in Flylady’s purple rags!  I admit to being a little skeptical after reading all the testimonials, but I cleaned the whole counter in my kitchen & stove with only water!!  My dishwasher face shines, my stove face (black) shines, it even got gunk off bottles that were next to the stove–you know, the greasy accumulation that usually only soap & scrubbing gets off!!??

I highly recommend them!!  I still can’t figure out why they work so well.  It just seems to be a cloth…  But I don’t care how or why, just that they work & do it VERY WELL!!  I also did my bathroom mirror after my shower & it, too, sparkles!!  It’s amazing to me how I can get used to dirty windows, then when they’re clean, I really marvel at how they seem to glow…

I hope this will encourage someone, somewhere to set their timer & make progress towards PEACE in piece by piece increments!!

Blessings on you,
Flying Grandma

FlyLady here: Your little slogan really does work. It is all about babysteps!

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