Boy It’s Hot out There

Dearest FlyLady,
12 oz and 16 oz
Thank you so much for your wonderful water bottles! To start with I bought myself one because I drink a LOT of water and wanted a way to carry it around and keep it cold. Then I bought my daughter one because I loved mine so much. I have battle with her all of her life to drink more water. Her standard response was “I do not like it!” I would give her all of the reasons she should she still said she did not like water. Then the water bottle arrived!

She had fun picking her handle color and said she would “try” it. Now she drinks 6-8 bottles full every day! This is a huge improvement! She loves her water bottle and refills it when she is at work as well as home. I had given up getting her to drink water, she is 25 years old. Now she drinks water almost exclusively. This is HUGE! Thank you so much for providing such wonderful products! The water bottles keep ice all day, regardless of temperatures outside(it has been 100+ here for the last 30 days), they do not sweat all over your furniture or car, in short they are all they are said to be. Again thank you!

Flybaby S. in KS

FlyLady here: We love our water bottles. Please stay hydrated during these hot days of summer.

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