She is Probably a Follower of FlyLady

Dear FlyLady,

Approximately ten years ago, I was reading either Dear Abby or Ann Landers and a woman wrote to say that she had been visiting her son and his wife and she said she got out of bed one morning to go to the bathroom and by the time she got back to the bedroom her daughter-in-law had already made her bed. Then she asked “Do you think my daughter-in-law is trying to tell me that I’m not welcome because she made my bed so fast?”

Abby or Ann responded by saying, “I don’t think it has anything to do with her feeling that you’re not welcome in her home. She’s probably a follower ofFlyLady.”

That’s the first time I ever heard of FlyLady (living as I do in a cave with a rock over my head!) and I had to immediately go and look you up on the internet. After spending some time reading your very common-sense approach to keeping a house clean and clutter-free, I got hooked and I have been following you ever since then.

I’m really enjoying the decluttering and I have gotten rid of a ton of stuff, but there were a couple of things that I thought were funny that I wanted to share with you.

First, regarding the shine-your-sink routine, I had shined my sink (which was about 12 years old) and my brother came to visit from another state. He looked at my shiny sink (which he had seen many times) and asked me if I had a new sink. I thought it was funny that he thought it was new just because I had followed your advice to shine it.

Something else that I wanted to say to you was that many years ago I replaced some flooring in my kitchen and bathroom. That was in my pre-FlyLady days and I deliberately picked flooring that would not show dirt. Well, after following you for a few years. I now dislike that flooring because while it is true that it doesn’t show dirt, it also doesn’t show clean! I have really enjoyed keeping my house clean by utilizing babysteps and by just doing something15 minutes at a time.

One day I was outside with my pooper scooper cleaning up after my two dogs and looking at all the leaves that I would have to spend a half a day or so cleaning up…someday. Then I had an “ah-ha” moment and I thought, “If I can do something INSIDE my house for 15 minutes at a time,why can’t I do something OUTSIDE my house for 15 minutes at a time.

Beginning that day, every time I am outside picking up after my dogs, I spend a few extra minutes raking a few leaves and bagging them. What I learned from you is I don’t have to clean up all the leaves at one time … I can clean up some today and some a few days from now and eventually all the leaves are picked up but it is no longer an all-day procedure and I haven’t worn myself out doing the job.

So FlyLady, you’re a genius! Thank you very much from someone who is flying in Music City.

Maryann Nashville,TN<

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