Works Like Magic

Dear FlyLady

I love the Rubba Scrubba! Here’s why I am 100% sold on it as the all around BEST tool.

My youngest DD had a friend over for a playdate. Unbeknownst to me they were playing in my DD’s room with Play-Doh. Well after her friend left I went into the room and found Play-doh bits all over her WHITE bedroom rug! By the way, I would NEVER put a white rug in a child’s room or any room for that matter, it was here when we bought our condo.

Well now what am I going to do? To top it off the girls stepped on it as well! So on hands and knees I was pulling bits that were still pliable and crusted bits off the carpet. This was getting me irritated.

Then “light bulb” I am going to try the Rubba Scrubba! Well what do you know? It picked the bits ground into the carpet! The tool is amazing! Albeit the carpet is not 100% perfect the Scrubba couldn’t get every single piece it looks so much better and it cleaned the carpet as well. If something needs cleaning I am reaching for the Rubba Scrubba first! Also it takes no pressure to clean stuff just glide it and presto! It works its magic! Thank you FlyLady!

A frequent flapper working on flying in NH

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