Changing Families

Hi, Marla & Team,

You are blessing and helping families who don’t even get your emails. 🙂 I work with children who have behavior problems, and their families, and I always tell the parents that you can’t change your child without changing yourself or your approach to your child.  I have been in so many homes in the past 12 years, which are chaotic and/or messy, where calendars and routines are not used much. I ALWAYS talk about you and your website/emails and tell moms how helpful you’ve been to me, to help me with my ADD, Depression and clutter.

Yesterday, I was in a home where the Mom is always on the couch when I arrive, with junk mail and trash on the floor around her. She’s hard on her kids and told me she’s depressed and she complains of “getting old” when getting on the floor to play a board game with her kids & me. She’s 29, I’m 50…

I took my laptop with me yesterday and showed her your website and emails, and I chose a Morning Musing to read to her, and in it you talked re-teaching children positive attitudes regarding cleaning. You didn’t cover all the bases that I did with the mom about her approach, but I’ve read your things so much, the words came very easily when I explained it to her. I thank God that He had me open that email, because at the end of the visit, when I asked everyone what they had learned, Mom said, “I learned to not be such a drill sergeant about chores.” WOOHOO!! Mission Accomplished!! That was MAJOR, to these kids, even though we have a long way to go in that home…

AND… I showed her some of a “Playout” by Coach Erik, from BootCamp, and encouraged her & her kids to “get moving” to ease her depression, and help her son’s ADHD, and we ended up doing a few minutes of a Zumba DVD that she had, but hadn’t gotten out of the box yet. She sat during it, but God & I aren’t finished with her and her family yet; she’ll be off the couch one of these days….. 🙂

You’re changing the world, one family at a time, and giving me the tools to help my families.

God Bless You!! May all the Love you give, come pouring right back, to you! 🙂

Gradually fluttering higher each day with your help,

Jaci in Mishawaka, IN 🙂

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