How to Get Rid of a Funny Smell?

Dear FlyLady,

Help!!! My waterbottle has developed a funny smell. I leave it at work on weekends and leave it closed. That’s problem the problem huh? Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?



Dear Lana,

I think you have sort of answered your own question. It is more than just leaving it at work all closed up. When we take a swig out of our  water bottle, we all get a little back wash. I get grossed out by this but facts are facts. Our mouths have bacteria and in order to kill germs we have to wash our bottles daily.

This is why we made sure that our water bottles were dishwasher safe. I keep two bottles by my side all day long. Each time I run the dishwasher they go in there. If you don’t have a dishwasher then a sink full of hot soapy water will do just fine. I fill up fresh ones each morning to start my day.

Wash your bottle daily. This is just part of my routine. If you go to work then bring your bottle home each night and wash it. Or wash it at work and leave it open to dry during the night. Either way you do it, having your water bottlesclean and on your launch pad each morning will help keep you hydrated!


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