Weekly Home Blessing Hustlin

Dear FlyLady,

I recently subscribed again, and after reading some of the time testimonies, I decided to experiment last night.

I usually forget to set my timer when I do my weekly house blessing as I’ve got such a small place (two-bedroom apartment that will have a roommate in several months – I’m a single payroll SHE).

So, last night I sent my timer for 15 minutes while I dusted, vacuumed LR & BR, scrubbed toilet with cleanser, and wet/dry mopped my kitchen floor. I had FIVE minutes left on the time, lol!

So I spent the last five minutes taking out the trash (two trips to the alley since some boxes from deliveries had accumulated). I change my sheets on laundry day, which is usually Saturday morning (I have to use the laundromat, so get it all done at once for the week).

It was great to see I can get it done so quickly. It’s also proof what decluttering can do! I’ve massively decluttered over the past few years, and could properly be termed a “minimalist.”

My surfaces are mostly clear – things on the walls are easier for me to dust than things on the coffee table, etc. THAT was my 15 minutes of moving yesterday since I was really hustlin’!

Michele in IL

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