Being Laid off Work is a Blessing

Dear FlyLady,

Two days ago I was laid off at work. Interestingly enough it was a high stress job and because of it and being on call 24/7 keeping the house clean was very hard. So I started asking my husband if we could afford for me to quit and look for another job. We had been debating it for months.

When they laid me off I was hit with an enormous rush of relief followed by an extreme feeling of nervousness. Did I mention we are adopting? I get to tell the social worker that I am no longer employed. I was nervous. I was scared. I drove home and walked into my house. I pulled up the FlyLady website which I have been doing for 2 weeks. I looked at the mission and I did it. Then I sat down and got right back up to declutter for 15 minutes. I realized I had been reading the website but never fully committed and I wanted a clean, blessed home.

My husband was excited that I had vacuumed and that the living room was clean. So we sat in the living room and talked about what we were going to do. Then I committed to the Fly system.

Knowing that I have one week left I have come home everyday and done my cleaning for the day. Then I sit down and work on marketing myself for employment. What do you know? Within 24 hours I have been offered contract work in my field.

I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been able to compartmentalize cleaning and not feeling overwhelmed and in exchange I can focus on other things throughout the day.

Thank you,
Flying in Alabama

FlyLady here; It is always good to step back and regroup. This is what getting back to basics is all about. I think we will do this next week

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