My Mini Desk Day

Hi FlyLady,

I just had to respond to this email that spoke about the Office in a Bag! I am a payroll SHE and ordered the Office in a Bag several months ago. I didn’t realize it was a ‘zippered notebook case’ and was at first disappointed, because I really don’t like zippered notebook thingys, but told myself, ‘FlyLady knows what she is talking about, try it’.

Well, I can tell you, this has transformed my time! I have tried many times to put together a control journal, but my perfectionism kept getting in my way. Now I have everything together in my notebook, in my zipper bag: pens, pencil, stamps, return address labels, calculator, tape, scissors, a section for routines, zones (which some weeks I can do, and other weeks ‘it’s not happenin’), budget, menus, emergency, and a few other categories that fit for me. The best part about this zippered office in a bag, is that my dh & I commute together 35 minutes each way to work – he does the driving, and I usually do nothing – that is until the Office in a Bag came along!!

It has turned into my ‘mini desk day’ – I pay the bills, balance the check book, make the menus, and whatever else needs to be done, office wise for our home. This has always been a struggle for me – to find the time to sit down and actually pay the bills, etc.; and now it’s solved!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Each morning when I leave, I grab my Office in a Bag, get my ‘work’ done, leave it in the car when dh drops me off, and my home business is done for the day!

When I get home, I open my Office in a Bag on it’s space on my counter and fall into my after work/dinner/evening routine! Woohoo!!

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Contents Not Included
Not even the three ring binder. We have them in our clutter. Recycle one.

FlyBaby L in S. Florida

FlyLady here: I designed the office in a bag to match something I used for many years when I was a young mother. I worked full time and needed a way to take care of bills and menu planning on my lunch hour. This worked like a charm for me.

The Office in A Bag comes in 3 colors. It is durable and will hold up to the demands you place on it! You can also order with a Control Journal.

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