I Kept Forgetting the Bags

Dear FlyLady,

I bought 2 sets of the FlyLady Grocery Bags and kept forgetting to use them!

This week I needed some cold/frozen items but was not returning home immediately and then the light bulb popped on. Your black thermal bag was Perfect!! It held so MUCH more than I thought and everything was very cold when I arrived home. I am already planning to give sets as gifts.

I like too that they do not have writing in the outside, I think it is so much neater and Men will use them too.

Thanks for a great product!

Flying in Swift Creek NC


FlyLady here: Routines are the key to having your Grocery Bags with you when you go shopping. Stuff them all into one bag. Grocery Bags

Put them back in the car as soon as you put away your groceries. That way you always have them with you.

Put a note on the top of your grocery list to getGrocery Bags out of your trunk and take them into the store with you. You may have to put a Post-It Note on your dash to help you remember until it becomes a habit.

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